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All projects start with good foundations

Mextru’s base structure system is one of the most comprehensive available, combined with the ease of installation, it is quickly becoming the system of choice.

Currently we have 4 joists, which are 20, 30, 70 and 120mm tall. The joists are joined with a series of clips & brackets to create the desired shape and provide support to the upper surface in the correct locations.

This system is completely compatible with our ranges of paving and decking products. It is even possible to change between paving and decking within the same installation.

Our aluminium joists can also be used with cement fibre board, composite, bamboo, porecelain & aluminium decking.

All fittings are supplied.

Installation guides are available, and can be modified to match your application.

The system is environmentally friendly, as it is manufactured from recycled aluminium and is fully recyclable at end of life.

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