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Steel Pedestal range

unique benefits



Our range of pedestals are fabricated entirely from metal  eliminating any fire risk


Easy to adjust

Pedestals are designed with ease of installation  in mind, similarly height adjustments are quick and easy to make

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Our pedestals are designed to far exceed industry standards for load ratings

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long life


Our high strength steel pedestals have a unique coating designed to last more than 20 years

Pedestals Manufacturer and Supplier across the UK

The Mextru aluminium base structure is further complimented by the Mextru adjustable pedestals.

Any build-up can be accommodated using our extensive range of pedestals, which can cover heights from 10mm* through to 325mm.


Additionally, slope compensation can be achieved using Mextru's unique slope compensator, which fits directly to the top of our steel pedestals.

Mextru Steel Pedestals

The Mextru steel pedestal range covers heights from 50mm through to 325mm. The unique protective coating ensures a long service life and the design guarantees an unparalleled level of strength. 

The steel pedestal is designed to be used directly with tiling and also with the Mextru aluminium base structure. 

The pedestal is further complimented by the load spreader plate and the slope compensator, allowing the pedestal to be used in virtually every situation.

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Part Number
Minimum Height
Maximum Height
MEX Ex Ped014
MEX Ex Ped011
MEX Ex Ped008
MEX Ex Ped006
MEX Ex Ped004

​Mextru High Strength Steel Pedestals

  • Designed to work seamlessly with the Mextru base system

  • Can also be used directly with the Mextru porcelain tile range, simply attach the Mextru paving plate directly to the pedestal head

  • Unique coating to ensure corrosion is minimised for the life of the pedestal

  • Designed to last more than 40  years

  • Complete range of heights available from 50mm to 325mm

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​Mextru Slope Compensator

  • Designed to work seamlessly with the Mextru Steel Pedestal Range

  • Can be used directly with the Mextru porcelain tile range, simply install the compensator with the tabs facing up

  • Unique design giving 0-5 degrees of slope compensation

  • Designed to last more than 40 years

  • Easy to install and adjust

Slope compensator

The Mextru slope compensator is an upgrade to the steel pedestal to be used when the substrate is laid to a fall. The compensator provides a correction of up to 5 degrees (1 in 12 fall)

Load spreader

The Mextru load spreader provides a greater surface area to the pedestal foot to prevent damage to soft roofing substrates. The spreader simply clips onto the underside of the pedestal. 

​Mextru Load Spreader

  • Designed to work seamlessly with the Mextru Steel Pedestal Range

  • Ideal for insulated roof terrace installations

  • Low cost

  • Designed to last more than 40 years

  • Easy to install no fixings required

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20 Ped Clean.JPG

Mextru Low Profile Pedestals


Our low profile pedestals are incredibly easy to adjust and can slide along the beam to the desired position. The aluminium pedestals are simply screwed into the existing screw port detail on the underside of our range of joists. The ease of installation, super low height and ease of adjustment makes the Mextru pedestals a natural choice for the time conscious installer.

​Mextru low profile pedestals

  • Aluminium construction

  • Designed to slide directly onto the Mextru base structure joists, for rapid installation

  • Fully adjustable height

  • Minimum height of just 10mm*

  • Fully compatible with any of the Mextru base joists

Find out more

Click the document images to download our tiling e-brochures and technical datasheets for our unique paving system

Pedestal datasheet
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