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Balcony Decking, UK

For balconies at any height, our boards are highly durable with a neat and aesthetically pleasing finish. With easy installation, you can add strength to your balcony floor within hours. Our decking is environmentally friendly, non-combustible, and has hidden drainage channels under the boards, so your balcony flooring will remain dry. With our bespoke service, our team can work with clients located throughout London, Manchester and the rest of the UK.

unique benefits



Our A2 fire rated non-combustible balcony decking and the substructure are made entirely from non-combustible aluminium, eliminating any fire risk


Green Balcony decking

Aluminium balcony decking is made from recycled aluminium. It is also fully recyclable at End of Life


anti slip surface

The materials used in our balcony decking is unique, inorganic, mould resistant, hard wearing, anti-slip coating

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long life


Our balcony decking is easy and quick to install, and is designed to last more than 60 years


The Mextru balcony system is designed by our team near London specifically for bolt-on and glide-on balconies. The high strength non-combustible balcony decking boards are designed with no hidden fixings and an industry leading anti-slip paint finish.


The Mextru Balcony decking system is fully compliant with BS8579 and is designed to last more than 60 years and is fully recyclable at end of life, making it a cost-effective option for businesses and homeowners from Manchester to London and nationwide.


Mextru offer a complete balcony decking solution, including hidden drain channels and edge gutters. All the system components are available in a choice of attractive and versatile colours to match the aesthetic of your home.

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​Mextru Balcony Decking Boards

  • 25mm & 18mm deep Balcony boards

  • Snap in cover to hide the board fixings

  • High strength design for increased spans

  • Anti-slip surface finish

  • Integrated screw ports for attaching end caps

​Balcony Decking Board Drain Channel

  • Works with 25mm deep Balcony board

  • Creates 6mm drainage opening as specified in BS8579

  • Easy to install

  • Large drainage capacity

  • Can be painted to match the board colour

  • Drains directly into the gutter section

Drain slot.jpg

Balcony Decking Board Gutter Section

  • Works with 25mm deep Balcony board

  • Creates a piped gutter section to enable drainage of the decked area

  • Easy to install

  • Large drainage capacity

  • Can be painted to match the board colour

Find out more

Click the document image to download our e-brochure for the new non-combustible balcony decking board.


For any queries about our products and services, please reach out to our team, who are always happy to help. Contact us by email, phone, or fill out the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

25mm Balcony Board Datasheet
18mm Balcony Board Datasheet
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